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Hanna Clutterbuck is music teacher from Finland with 20 years experience in teaching early music education and piano.

Hanna has been playing classical piano for 33 years and in the last 15 years has focused has on blues and jazz.

Hanna has  studied in 3 different Music Schools.  Lahti Polythecnic and Helsinki Sibelius Academy, in Finland and Malmo Music Högskolan, in Sweden.

Over the last 11 years Hanna has been working at Töölö Music School in Helsinki, Finland. Hanna taught earlychildhood music for 3 months to 7 year olds as well as piano lessons for 5 to 65 year olds.

Hanna is most passionate about teaching small children or beginners to provide them a positive, safe and fun start to learning the language of Music. 

 Hanna is a compassionate teacher who aims to create a warm and happy learning environment so that everybody  feels safe to express themselves and find new ways to grow through music.

Hanna enjoys planning and creating exciting lessons, musical journeys, for little learners so that their first steps in learning music are fun, full of versatility, with enough challenges and vary in stimulating different senses. 

Hanna has written some children’s music an has been playing and performing in several children music bands in Finland as a singer, pianist or percussionist as well as arranger.

 Hanna loves singing but also playing drums, bass, ukulele, kantele (traditional Finnish 5-stringed instrument) and percussions.

Hanna is very happy and excited to start this new chapter in her teaching career here in Australia and part of Dynamic Rhythms.  

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