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What is Jigglemusic?


Jigglemusic is an early childhood music course for children between the ages of 1 and 3 years. It is an activity based learning program where children are immersed in multi-sensory activities that enable them to experience the core foundations of music.

The program includes developmentally appropriate musical activities through movement, singing and instruments in a highly stimulating and fun environment. Parents are an essential learning partner in their child’s musical journey and are an integral part of each lesson.



  • creating an awareness of  beat, pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, timbre, melody, harmony, ensembles and phrasing
  • introduction to a variety of instruments, styles of music, cultures and music as a universal language
  • building a sense of musicality and musicianship that allows children to further develop musical and instrumental skills at a higher level.
  • Intellectual stimulation through listening, problem solving and generating creative
  • Gross motor
  • skills, balance and co-ordination through movement
  • Fine motor skills through manipulation and control of instruments and musical equipment
  • Developing pro-social skills by working together in a group, joining in classroom routines and rules, sharing, co-operating, turn taking, following directions, and connecting with others
  • Competence and self esteem though mastery of skills responses
  • Increased ability to attend to a task though focussed play and following directions
  • Oral language development through singing, attentive listening, and engaging in rhyme and rhythm.
Educational Processes

The course offers high quality music education for young children through:

  • multi-sensory learning techniques where children are engaged in hands-on musical experiences
  • parent involvement as an essential part of the learning process
  • an environment consisting of a richly resourced studio
  • a well trained and highly experienced early childhood music teacher
  • a well structured course with an intentional sequence of learning experiences

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