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With the physical changes that come as children grow, children from 7 or 8 years of age are able to cope with the fine motor (small muscle) demands of playing other instruments.

Popular choices at this stage include guitar, singing, flute, violin, trumpet, clarinet and saxophone. Our school offers these as private lessons with teachers skilled in the relevant instruments.

Students have the opportunity to participate in performance events and exams.All of our private students have a specialised Individual Learning Program designed for them depending on their interests and needs.

Our teachers are also able to prepare students for Exams. Our student motivation programs are designed to reward and celebrate the stepping stones and milestones on your way to a lifelong enjoyment of playing music.


Below is a list of all of our wonderful teachers.



Brass Bethany Noakes
Craig Swallow
Cello Erinn Harrowsmith
Clarinet Gigi Lui
Drums Sam Ashton
Flute Laura Mayes
Larrah Slender

Kath Swallow
Guitar- Acoustic & Electric Sam Ashton
Nick Drescher
Keyboard/Piano Lara Barazi
Carolyn Fernandez
Erinn Harrowsmith
Lorena Hough
Gigi Lui
Laura Mayes
Bethany Noakes
Elise Overton
Kath Swallow
Adam Ursino
Saxophone Nick Drescher
Violin Joanne Silva
Vocal Lara Barazi
Debbie Galea
Elisabeth Ladd

All Private Lesson Places Available

(Call us to register) 7 years – Adult

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