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About AMEB Exams:

Enrolment is now available for face to face exams for ALL Grades, in AMEB venues. Video exams also remain an option.

Talk to your teacher about options to suit you or your child.

Graded assessment gives students scaffolded support as their ability improves. Students’ technique, confidence and performance skills grow with each level attained. Exam options include traditional grade (Comprehensive), performance only (Repertoire) or For Leisure.

Most syllabuses offer a Performance Certificate to cap off their AMEB grade achievements.

The entry date for the AMEB 1st and the 2nd Metro Series of Exams is listed below.

Published exam dates are all subject to the public health orders in place at the time of the exam. If restrictions due to COVID-19 are implemented in 2024, exams may not be able to proceed.

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