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Do you know what to look for when you are comparing music schools, teachers and courses? How do you know if the content is educational and the lessons are value for money?

Well my aim is to help you work that out.

    1. It must be FUN : Gone are the days of the strict disciplinarian teacher with the ruler to rap over the knuckles of the unsuspecting piano student. A music lesson should be fun! Especially a class lesson.  There should be lots of different aspects to the lesson and activities that teach music using resources such as a parachute, percussion, streamers etc. This will engage children much more than a whole lesson sitting listening to instruction from a teacher. Class lessons are ideal for young children as they are more likely to have a great time and the learning happens without them even realising. Private lessons are a bit more serious than a class lesson due to the nature of the lesson but the teacher should still be positive and encouraging and the student should always enjoy the lesson and learn something new each week.

    1. Is MUST be Educational: There are many different aspects to teaching and learning music. These include, beat, rhythm, pitch, tempo, counting, note reading and aural training, to name a few. Each lesson should incorporate all of these elements. If you are unsure of what is being taught in a particular activity, make sure you question the teacher. They should be able to easily explain which elements were being taught and the reason behind the activity.

    1. The Course Materials need to be Well Written and Structured: Does the teacher follow lesson plans and a structured curriculum? This is important, especially if there are multiple classes and teachers. The standard of teaching needs to be consistent and duplicatable across all classes. This is achieved in our school by the teachers undergoing rigorous training in both the Jigglemusic and Encore series courses through the January holidays. Our school has a licence agreement to run these courses with licensed, trained teachers and we are proud to be able to provide courses of this high standard. The lessons should have structure and routine is also important especially with the Early childhood classes. There can be some free elements to the lesson such as free movement and imaginative and creative segments, but these aspects are incorporated into the overall structure of the lesson and are contrasted with more methodical learning such as counting and note reading activities.

    1. Practice is Important: Does the teacher set tasks to be completed during the week. At Dynamic Rhythms, our school age class students are given practice plans that detail the practice for the week. Without practicing at home, the student will not progress as fast and will be left behind as the other students progress. Even our Early childhood courses have learning resources so the children can listen to the songs at home during the week. We find if they are familiar with the songs, they will engage more during the class.

    1. Feedback is Essential: It is important to be in contact with your child’s teacher so that you can make sure they are progressing and to manage any issues that may arise. Communication is essential and at Dynamic Rhythms we pride ourselves in issuing bi-annual reports to parents on student progress. The teachers are always willing to discuss problems, especially practicing issues, with the parents briefly in between students or outside teaching hours.

    1. A Great Learning Environment: The learning environment can greatly affect the students ability to learn. Are the classrooms large enough and uncluttered? Is the temperature ok? Are the resources well maintained and good quality? The staff must be friendly and love to teach and also love their job and surroundings. Have you ever come across that person who makes it all about them? Do they give you something to practice and then leave the room?Well that certainly doesn’t make a good teacher. Our teachers are there to help their students learn and love working at Dynamic Rhythms. I am constantly told this by my teachers and we strive to make this working environment as much fun as our classes 🙂

For more information on What to Expect from Dynamic Rhythms, have a read of my last blog post.

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