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Teaching music to kids matters because it is in the first few years of life that all the magic happens! Neural connections start to form and the brain is wiring itself for life. Watch them bop around the room when there is music playing. There are no inhibitions to hold them back, they just feel the music with their whole body.

All children start life with the potential to be a musician. When a baby is surrounded by music and grows up listening to and being immersed in all types of different musical genres, they can’t help but be musical

Between the ages of 1 and 3, children start to develop fine motor skills that are required to be able to handle small percussion instruments. This is a great time to enrol them into a structured music program like Jigglemusic, so they can be taught the fundamentals of music making. Even at home, a couple of sticks, a saucepan lid or even a box, can become a musical instrument.

Encouraging a love of music at an early age can help a child live a richer and more fulfilled life. The following points cover the benefits of music education:

  • Music is a great way to make new friends through band programs, choirs and orchestras.
  • It improves confidence and self esteem
  • as they master their chosen instrument, they experience a great sense of achievement.
  • Music requires discipline and dedication. Attributes that are great strengths
  • learning music provides a child with an expressive outlet
  • music can be a great diversion when things aren’t going well.
  • music can also be used as relaxation and stress relief.

Would you like to introduce your child to music but not sure how to start? Come along and trial one of our classes for free. You can join a Jigglemusic class at any time and at least one new Kinderbeat and Keyboard class, is started at the beginning of each school term

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