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I must say upfront that when it comes to our teachers I am very biased, but I think we have some of the most exceptional teachers in the area working at Dynamic Rhythms Music Centre. I have worked with some of these teachers for 16 years and others for less time but there is plenty to be proud of when talking about these great musicians and teachers.

So here we go, 6 reasons why our teachers standout:

  1. Local Talent: I really believe in supporting local talent by providing jobs to local people, especially local youth. All but one of our teachers live in the local Macarthur area. Craig and I have both grown up and still live in the Macarthur area and have a lot of contacts through our networks in the community. When we need to employ a new teacher, I either reach out to musicians that we already know or we ask others to refer musicians to us.
  2. Musical experience: One of the things that makes our teachers standout is the amount of experience that they have on their chosen instrument. A musical instrument is something that takes many years to master but also needs good teacher to provide the necessary guidance along the way. Each of our teachers has grown up studying their chosen instrument under expert guidance from great teachers. Our younger teachers are mentored by the more experienced teachers. With a bit of support and encouragement, we can help them to pass on their love of music to their own students.
  3. AMEB qualifications: All of our instrumental teachers who teach piano, flute, clarinet, saxophone, strings, voice and brass instruments, have either achieved advanced grades through the Australian Music Examinations Board or have tertiary degrees in Music or are studying music at University. Characteristically, guitar and drum students don’t often undertake exams but there is a contemporary syllabus that our teachers provide if requested.
  4. Dedication to their students: all of our teachers are passionate about music and love to pass on their knowledge to their students. This dedication is really evident when you see how many of them give up a whole day for our concert performers so they have some support and guidance on their big day.
  5. Talented Performers: we always like to try and include some of our teachers as performers on concert day. This lets the parents see the standard of talent that we have here and also is inspiring for the young performers to see their teacher step up and perform.
  6. Variety: at Dynamic Rhythms, we pride ourselves in being able to offer a wide variety of music tuition on many different and varying instruments. In addition to this, there are a number of our teachers who are proficient in two or more instruments, for example, violin and piano, voice and piano, saxophone and guitar, flute, cello and piano. This is great when a student needs accompaniment for an exam or performance or just to be able to add another element to the lesson.

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