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About AMEB Exams:

Graded assessment gives students scaffolded support as their ability improves. Students’ technique, confidence and performance skills grow with each level attained. Exam options include traditional grade (Comprehensive), performance only (Repertoire) or For Leisure.

Due to lockdown in NSW the AMEB has cancelled all comprehensive exams for this examination period so the Repertoire exams are the only option available.

The cutoff entry date for the Repertoire exam is the 6th June for the 1st session (Feb-Jun) and 26th September for the 2nd session (Jul-Dec). Once your entry is submitted, you have 21 days to record your video and upload it.

There are examples of how to do this on the AMEB website but basically you need 4 performance pieces and these need to be performed in one take. Therefore with no cuts to the video sequence.

Instruments that usually require accompaniment, still require an accompanist to assist with the performance.

Please contact your teacher for further information if needed.



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