The Dynamic Learning Centre is an online video library of instructional videos. Each video corresponds to a single piece of music in each level of the Junior, Primary and Achiever Encore course.

To Enrol for VIP Access To The Videos, click on appropriate course and level below and follow to the payment options. You will then be emailed your unique login.

To the LOGIN for a Free 7 Day Trial, fill in the login and password that you have been emailed. From the selection page choose Junior Level 1 from the list.

About the Trainings:

Each video in the series, explain the pattern of notes played, the different rhythms used, and the technique needed to master the piece. Each video demonstrates hands separately and then hands together as well as the piece played with the backing track at speed.

Playing with the backing track is something to aim for but can be quite difficult at speed. We suggest that you download the Slow Downer software that we use in our school, which provides you the ability to slow down the piece without losing pitch or quality.

Please note: these videos are not designed to replace the classroom lesson, but to enhance it but giving the parent and student support for their home practice.