“A Song for all Seasons” Annual Concert

Sunday 10th September

Seasons concert

Campbelltown Arts Centre

11:00am and 2:00pm

Come rain, hail or shine the show must go on. The concert this year will celebrate the changing of seasons though song, so we challenge you to find a song to represent a season or a specific time of year so we can fill the calendar with music.

Who can take part? All Kinderbeat, Keyboard and Private students.

Class students
perform as an ensemble and will work with their teacher on a suitable piece. If class numbers are small we may combine two or more classes for the day.

Students do not require a ticket
and remain in the holding area backstage where they will be supervised and may watch the concert on a widescreen TV.
Parents may accompany students backstage until they are settled and then parents need to wait in the foyer for the doors to open. Please keep in mind that we are trying to organize the performers and too many people backstage makes this difficult. Each student performs at one concert only.

Private students
may elect a concert time, but please note if you are able to attend any of the timeslots please let us know as this makes scheduling 300 students easier.
Classes will be assigned a concert depending on feedback from confirmation forms. Some class scheduling requests may not be possible due to siblings participating in different classes.

Please return confirmation form below NO LATER THAN 19th August even if you cannot come. Any student that does not confirm their participation may miss out. We have a limited number of places available in each concert to fit within the time frame so please return this confirmation form ASAP!

You may also send your confirmation via email to info@dynamicrhythms.com.au or register on the website or by clicking on this Concert Attendance link

To read about the concert day experience have a look at the blog post Concert Day: Behind the Scenes

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