The Entry dates for the AMEB 2nd Metro Series of Exams is coming up this term.

Please make a note of these dates as the AMEB are not flexible at all.

2ND METRO SESSION  Fees Due  Exam Period  Last Entry Closing
Postcode 2567 8th Sept 11 Nov – 9 Dec 18 Sep

ameb books
For more information on AMEB exams have a read of my blog entry: AMEB exams all you need to know.

I also have included this link to the AMEB site as it provides more detailed information regarding Guides to AMEB examinations.

For any exam you will need to have purchased the relevant music as photocopies are illegal.

If you need to source the music, ask your teacher to order it through the school or most good music shops will stock the current AMEB material.

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