Concert day begins well before the actual day and there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. All this hard work culminates in an amazing, action packed day full of music and lots of talented performers.

Almost as soon as we finish one concert we need to start planning the next. The venue must be booked about 10 months out to secure a date within the time frame that works.
At the beginning of the year we all put our heads together to try and come up with a fun theme. Really to tell the truth, we manage to fit any music to any theme but half the fun is trying :).
In the months leading up to the concert notes are handed out, lists are compiled and we begin gathering details of performers and the pieces they will play. Without fail, there are always last minute changes. Some students are sick, some change their mind about the piece they wish to play and there are always logistical problems with clashes of other commitments.

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This year Laura and I tried to find a great backdrop for our theme of Carnival of Animals. We really couldn’t find what we needed so we decided to paint one instead. This took about a week and we managed to take over 1/2 of Miss Lara’s room in the process. I’ll leave you to judge the end result.
Last minute preparations are always hectic. Audio tracks to compile and adjust, lighting plans,running sheets as well as preparing colouring in to keep the students amused back stage. Also lots of programs to complete and print. …… and reprint when we make mistakes…oops.

Concert day is here! Early start for us today. Lots of work to do setting up our keyboards, decorations and testing audio. Sounds easy right? Someone had the brilliant idea to bring the newer Korg keyboards this year and we found out at 9am that the input plugs were different!

10am: A trip to Jaycar to buy some adaptorsdynamic rhythms music for kids colouring at the concert Miss Kheira
10:20am: another trip to change for a different size
10.50am: giving up on trying to plug the keyboards in and we mike them instead.

Phew! disaster averted..

Once we are underway concert 1 goes smoothly. All the performers are amazing and Isabelle Rogers vocal solo “Quiet” gave me goosebumps. We had a little bit of stage fright with dynamic rhythms kids music music concertour littlies in the Kinderbeat group but with a bit of help from Miss Laura and Cody’s Grandma they performed beautifully.

With 51 students back stage Miss Laura and I thought it was going to be bedlam but with the amazing help of Miss Kheira, Mr Adam, Mr BJ, Mr Alex, Miss Meri, Mr Chris, Miss Elise and Roslyn, the concert flowed and ran without a hitch. These teachers are all truly awesome! Not only making sure students were ready and prepared, but also escorting littlies to the toilet, helping with costume changes, colouring in and supervising and encouraging!

dynamicrhythms music concert Miss Elisedynamicrhythms music concert kids music good friendsdynamicrhythms concert lunch artgallery cafe

After a super quick lunch break concert 2 was ready to go. Lots more talent and a very appreciative audience who even joined Georgina’s and Miss Jessica‘s rendition of Old Macdonald. Thanks also goes to Miss Erinn, Miss Bridie, Mr Sam, Mr Freddie and Miss Carolyn for their help with concert 2.

Well, that’s the concert done for another year! Lot’s of fun, lot’s of music, lot’s of talented students and lot’s of work. Hopefully a restful week ahead because I’m sure I will need it to recover 🙂
dynamicrhythms music concert Mr Alex and Mr Samdynamic rhythms music concert alex drum teacher

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