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Concert Day: behind the scenes

Concert day begins well before the actual day and there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. All this hard work culminates in an amazing, action packed day full of music and lots of talented performers. Almost as soon as we finish one concert we need to...

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Are You AMEB Aware?

What do I mean by AMEB Aware? Well here are a few things that you need to know: Scheduling: The Australian Music Examination Board(AMEB) is a law unto itself!  Parents of students pay lots of money to be told where and when they need to present themselves for an exam....

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AMEB exams: all you need to know

It's that time of year again! Fees for the Australian Music Examination Board(AMEB) exams are due. Is your child ready for an exam? Do you know what the exam entails? I bet you have heaps of questions. Well I am going to try and answer them all for you About the AMEB:...

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6 Points of Difference for a Great Experience

What do you want to know when looking for good Music education? Of course you want to know what is so special about us? What makes us different and what makes us stand out from the rest? Well hopefully this blog post will help to explain all of this. Here are 6 Points...

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5 Characteristics of a Music Student

I have shared this before but at the beginning of the new year it is definitely worth a revisit. When I was trying to work out what made up the characteristics of a music student I realised that music students are diverse and varied. Some students are serious about...

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Beat Out the Stress!

As mums and dads with children know all too well, life can be stressful! Do you stop and think to take time out for yourself? Every day on the news we see frightening examples of road rage and the result of pent up stress and anger. Maybe the answer is more people...

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From Baby to Musician in 10 years!

  In an age where small businesses are lucky to see out 2 years, 10 years is a milestone well worth celebrating. Of course there is no way we could have got this far without the support of our students and the families that turn up each week for their music lessons....

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HSC Music: Is it the right choice for you?

Danielle Glynn is one of our young violin teachers at Dynamic Rhythms Music Centre and has written a guest blog post. Danielle who has only just completed her HSC exams in 2015,  offers her insight into her experience of choosing Music as a subject. Read on to find...

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