All good things come to an end 🙁

Well, all good things must come to an end, unfortunately. We finished off our little holiday in Amsterdam next to this beautiful frozen lake. The weather has been amazing, except for the couple of days of freezing rain bullets, we have been very lucky. Time to go back...

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Clogs, Canals, Van Gogh and Bicycles

Woohoo, Amsterdam!! The home of clogs, canals, Van Gogh and bicycles. And SNOW!! It was snowing when we landed!! So exciting!!!! I've never seen snow before! Look at me sitting on top of the snow mountain 🙂 There is lots to see in Amsterdam. The was a big square...

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Exploring The Tower

Wow, I've got a bit behind, sorry! Lots happening over here and I have lost track of the days. I'll have to do 2 days in a row to catch up! Well, more London! This place is endless! There is soooo much to see and do that I could be here for weeks and not have seen...

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Heading to Platform 9 3/4

Off again! Another plane returning us to London again to meet back up with Michelle and to do some more London stuff. First stop Platform 9 3/4!! Hogwarts of course, at Harry Potter World! Amazing place!! Everything you can think of! The Great Hall with all the...

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Irish Dancing and lots of Black muddy drink

Off to Dublin!! I had to check out the plane through the big binoculars to make sure we were getting on the right one. As soon as we landed Miss Laura bought me a really big icecream!! I don't think I'm going to need dinner tonight! The next day we went on some really...

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Baths, ducks and building blocks

We took a little car trip today out to see a bunch of rocks called Stonehenge. These rocks look like someone just stacked them there. Apparently they are over 5000 years old and are the most famous existing prehistoric monument. It haas a lot of mysterious history...

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Goodbye Scotland, Hello London!

Our time in Scotland is nearly done. Today we went to visit the Abbey called Rossslyn made famous by the Da Vinci Code books and movie, but unfortunately it was closed. This is me looking through the fence. It's strange when you are in a different country because you...

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Scotland’s for the Brave!

Day 2 in Edinburgh and lots more adventures. I learnt to play the bagpipes which is going to be very useful when I come back to Jigglemusic next year. They are a little bit big for me as you can see, but I'll manage 🙂 We spent a lot of time exploring Edinburgh...

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My son loves going each week learning new things

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